Same Love

When will religion and politics step aside and give us what we want? What we need! What we deserve!



Silvia Brown: I See Dead People [who R still alive]

In 2004, psychic Silvia Brown  was on the Montel Williams Show where she told Louwana Miller, the mother of Amanda Berry, that her daughter was dead. We now know Amanda Berry and 2 other girls were being held captive for over 10 years not far from where they were all last seen. Seems Silvia didn’t C any of this back then,
“She’s not alive, honey. Your daughter’s not the kind who wouldn’t call.”

Silvia is now being quoted saying, “Only God is Right all the time.” May B that should B the title of her next book.  She has also said, ” If ever there was a time to be grateful and relieved for being mistaken, this is that time.”  True, but when you R claiming 2 know something through some special power or gift, may B you might want 2 think about your impact on those who believe you have such powers. It is said that Silvia Brown is catching a lot of slack from this. Good. I think Silvia played the odds. She figured the odds were much more likely that Amanda would B found dead. After all, she knew nothing of Ariel Castro, his brothers, or the other 2 girls held captive with Amanda, she’d have to B psychic 2 know all of that. So no, like anyone else could have done, she looked at the facts and played the odds. And if a cop or friend tells you, the odds are your daughter is dead, you can agree and still have hope that the odds R wrong this time. But when someone who you believe has the ability 2 C things, 2 know things, tells you your daughter is dead, you may lose hope. At least this was my view, and then I found a repost of an article originally published in The Plain Dealer on March 3, 2006:

It seems that Silvia’s comments may have caused Amanda’s mother 2 lose hope in her daughter still being out there. And unfortunately she died B for we all got to C how wrong Silvia was.


Westboro Baptists’ Crazy Train

(sung to Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train)


that’s how God rolls—-

Millions of people, drowning in woe—-


it’s much too late

To speak about love, when you brought on is hate

Crying about your feelings, or your sin, no shame

You’re going straight to hell, on a crazy train

You’re going straight to hell, on a crazy train

Let’s go

You listen to preachers, your leaders are fools

You’re raping false prophets, who make their own rules

The base is ascending, to rule and control

The media sells it, and you pay the toll

The station goes deceiving, their torment you in flames

You’re going straight to hell, on a crazy train

We’ve told you your destruction is imminent

You should have listen to our words

Isn’t God’s fury, That’s forced onto them

The ruling rebellion, God is made to numb


the pride as you well

Your birth will be brutal, he will say what is fair

God is not been sleeping  he’s gonna bring the pain

It’s time for your finally ride on this crazy train

It seems the church could give Weird Al a run for his money in the song parody business.


Boycoting The Dead

Westboro Baptist Church is planning 2 picket the funeral of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman. Really? He’s dead, can’t your god handle it from here?  Y does this sound familiar?

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev is unlikely 2 B buried here in America, his evils too great.

Now I’m not comparing the made up evils of Slayer with the actual evils of terrorism, theses are 2 separate issues.

1. what do we do with the bad guy after we kill him?

2. who decides who the bad guy is?


HAPPY 420!

Y isn’t there more discussion on the many usages of the Cannabis Plant? I smell a conspiracy! Or may B someone just lit up a Blunt. It is 4/20 after all. 4 more info on hemp, it’s uses, and Y it was made illegal in the first place, B sure to check out Jack Herer‘s book: The Emperor Wears No Clothes.